The STEP Foundation was started in 2010 as a way to promote technology sustainability in the built environment. Associations including Comp-TIA, InfoComm and TIA, wanted to showcase how technology could contribute to, rather than detract from, sustainability.

The goals of the STEP Foundation, while well-intentioned, have not been entirely fulfilled. While there were several wonderful STEP demonstration projects, the program itself became financially unsustainable due to a variety of market forces, including a sluggish economy, less reliance on environmental rating systems, and competitive pricing pressures in the building space. Rather than continue to make significant contributions to support the foundation on an annual basis, the associations involved have elected to suspend the foundation’s activities indefinitely.

This decision was made after careful deliberation. We are grateful to the companies that championed STEP and to the industry volunteers that helped develop best practices, standards and educational materials. The valuable information we have compiled on sustainability best practices will be shared by each association partner as it sees fit.

The STEP Foundation will be maintained in a dormant stage until the partner associations elect to revive it.